Goodbye Europe

Goodbye Europe

We spent Easter Sunday travelling between two continents, Africa and Europe, after a short but interesting visit to Morocco, which left us with the desire to return, in the future. As travelers, we followed the path that so many migrants, desperate and with the sole desire to find a place to live in peace, follow every day to attempt the assault on Fortress Europe that does not want them. Europe, the dream that often turns into a nightmare, indeed, many will never touch European soil, but will sink in the cold waters of the Mediterranean.

We, however, with our nice European passport, present ourselves to the ferry in Tangier and after a tenuous security check we climb aboard a huge ferry, at least 100 meters long and equipped with bars, restaurants and all possible services necessary for the long-drawn crossed the Strait of Gibraltar: 30 minutes for a total of 40 euro each, an inexplicable cost, as it is inexplicable the luxury, the services and their cost (in euros strictly, because the Moroccan dirhams are not accepted) on the ferry.

The sadness of the thought of how many people try to cross the strait and do not make it is mixed with the excitement of seeing Africa that fades away and Europe appearing at the horizon, a few kilometers from each other , so close but also so far away, from many points of view. Below us, a few dozen meters from the hull of the ship some dolphins peep, cutting the surface of the water with their agile fins, further away, slow, majestic and powerful move the whales, an unforgettable farewell to the African coasts and a warm welcome to the European ones. We disembark in Tarifa, on the Spanish side,and panting we catch the bus for Seville, we can get in the Andalusia capital by the evening, just in time to drop our luggage in our tiny room found on AirBnB and go out for a quick tapas and beer dinner The next day we are back on the road to Marinaleda, a rural town of 2,700 inhabitants in eastern Andalusia, famous because since 1979 is governed at the municipal level by an extreme left party that implemented a lot of progressive and socially advanced initiatives. In preparation for this visit we had read various articles on the internet describing Marinaleda like an island out of reality where they had implemented a few ideas belonging to utopian socialist and communist school of thought. We will discover that the reality is very different, more complex but also more “normal” compared to how it is depicted in the media – soon an article devoted entirely to Marinaleda in the “Research and movements” section.


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