Matters of national security

Matters of national security

(translated by Maria Grazia Patania)

Once we leave Lisboa we fly over the Atlantic Ocean to San Francisco. We make 2 stopovers –one in the Azores and one in Boston. After roughly 2 hours from our takeoff we land in Punta Delgada where we are asked to leave the plane. We take our belongings and we go to a waiting room till someone tells us to go back on board. During our short stopover (roughly one hour) we have to undergo security checks again and Stefano –stopped by the police- has to show them every single little thing in his backpack. Afterwards he joins me in a small bar inside the airport where I am chatting with a Portuguese woman who has been living in Boston for quite a long time. She tells me about her son and his wife who also experienced a journey around the world the year before but then had to stop because they will have a baby. Our boarding starts and we stand patiently in line. After landing in the USA, we grab our passports and visa requests which we had filled out through the ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization): a program allowing those who come from eligible countries like Italy to apply for a visa.


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